Terms & Conditions

· Goods purchased will comply with the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services  
Act, 1980 and be of "Satisfactory Quality" unless specified at the time of sale.
· All Used items we sell are checked before been shipped.  
· Any item purchased from us must be paid for in full before the item can be  
released for delivery or collection.                                                                                           
· All parts should be examined and tested before use. We do not accept any  
responsibility for any problems arising from any part purchased from us  
including or due to failure of the part. Any costs associated with testing, fitting  
or removal of items bought from us are the sole responsibility of the  
purchaser and we will be under no circumstances responsible for any costs  
incurred whatsoever.
· This warranty is void if any part supplied has been tampered with in any way.  
I.e. seal broken, taken apart etc. Please note all parts supplied are marked  
with our company stamps/initials, removal of these marks will invalidate this  
· No parts may be altered, modified or dismantled in anyway (except for  
routine service adjustment) without our permission. Failure to comply with  
these terms will invalidate this warranty.
· All goods should be inspected upon delivery before signing to ensure that the  
item has not been damaged in transit. If goods prove to be damaged, do not  
sign, refuse delivery & contact us within 1 working day. This is to ensure that if  
necessary, a claim can be made against the courier company. Once the item is  
in your possession the transaction is then complete and we cannot claim for  
“damage in transit” and therefore cannot offer a refund on damaged goods   
from that point on.                                                                                                                           
· If our delivery attempt to you is unsuccessful we will charge for delivery again  
which has to be paid in full before we make a second delivery attempt If the  
second delivery attempt fails we will not attempt again, so the item will have  
to be collected in person (unless otherwise agreed). Please note any delivery  
charges incurred are non refundable.
· Gearboxes must be filled with new oil to the correct level set my gearbox  
manufacture upon installation. Failure to follow this procedure will result in  
the warranty being rendered null and void.
· The term “engine” refers to the cylinder head & block and the components  
which make these up (i.e. pistons, cam shafts, con rods, etc). Any ancillaries  
left on the engine including but not limited to the cam belt, water pump,  
sensors, water hoses or fuel system are left on free of charge and are not  
covered by this warranty (unless otherwise agreed in writing).
· All engineers purchased must be fitted with a new timing belt/chain, new  
water pump, new filters and new oil before testing and/or use. Failure to  
follow these instructions will result in the warranty been rendered NULL&  
· We will require a copy of your receipts proving that you have purchased all  
the parts listed. We also require a copy of your mechanics installation receipt  
showing that those parts where replaced at installation. NO PAPER WORK  
· An Engine service must be carried out by a reputable garage after 500 miles  
were the oil and oil filter must be changed (Please note only use the type and  
grade of oil recommended by the original engine manufacturer). Manually  
adjustable tappets should be checked and reset as required and where  
applicable the cooling, fuel and ignition systems as well as auxiliary drive  
belts should be checked. Throughout the duration of this warranty the vehicle  
should be serviced at least every 5000 miles.
· Any necessary repairs or maintenance (whether covered by this Warranty or  
not) should be carried out as soon as is practicable and without further  
detriment to the condition of the engine. All ancillary parts should always be  
maintained in good order.
· We do not warranty engine failure or damage occurring directly or indirectly  
as a result of the following:
a) Fault or failure arising from a fitting error or poor workmanship.
b) Fault or failure of any ancillary components including but not limited to the  
cooling system, fuel system, turbo charger/exhaust and ignition system  
components, etc. Nor are the ancillaries covered themselves.
c) Where the vehicle has been used in conjunction with motor sports or marine  
d) As a result of malicious damage.
e) As a result of fire or theft or a collision.
f) As a result of overheating or lack of lubrication (due to insufficient coolant or  

· The warranty does not cover gaskets and seals. For instance if an engine‘s  
head gasket should fail or if the engine is overheated then it will not be  
covered under our warranty.
· The warranty terminates if the engine temperature tabs (heat tabs) have been  
tampered with or removed.
· Any modifications (including “performance”) or repair work undertaken  
without the written consent of Parts4U will invalidate the warranty.
· Vehicle recovery charges, hire car costs, loss of earnings, and any other  
consequential costs which might arise are not covered by this warranty.
· If an engine needs to be replaced under the terms of this warranty, we  
require the faulty engine to be returned to our workshop before we can  
dispatch a replacement.
· All Used parts have a minimum of 7 days warranty (unless otherwise stated)  
and only part(s) shown on your invoice (receipt) covered by the warranty.
· All engines and gearboxes are covered by 30 days warranty.  
· These statements could be superseded by explicitly stated specific warranty,  
which would appear in the item's description, in such case only stated  
warranty does apply.
· This warranty begins the day the goods collected/delivered.
· This warranty is personal to the person named on the invoice or warranty  
registration card and may not be transferred to any other person or company.
· If any material facts are withheld, false or fraudulent reports and/or claims are  
made then this warranty shall become void.  In this event, any payments that  
have been made by Comway Ltd T/A Parts 4U will be repayable forthwith.
· This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.

                                 Our Returns Policy

We will only accept returns for:

1. Goods returned as was sold in original condition and unopened packaging up  
to 14 days from the time of dispatch. Goods returned after this time will not  
be accepted and discarded.
2. Incorrectly supplied items contrary to what was originally ordered by you the  
3. Mistaken selection of goods ordered by you the buyer and shipped to you,  
only on the proviso that the item is an item that we normally hold in stock and  
is NOT an item specially imported for you to be determined by us at Parts 4U.  
The buyer upon initiating and commiting an original transaction, must accept  
that if a mistake is made by said buyer, that the shipping costs are your own. It  
is unfair and not acceptable to expect Parts 4U to cover them. It is also the  
buyers responsibility to ensure that the item ordered has been chosen and  
identified correctly and NOT any member of staff at Parts 4U.

· Unwanted Goods are subject to a restocking charge of 25% of the original  
value and will only be accepted up to 7 days (REFUND) and up to 14 days  
(CREDIT) from the date of dispatch with the proviso that goods must be  
unused and in the condition they were sold, in their original unopened  
packaging and returned undamaged. All electrical items such as "electric  
motors, control units, sensors, electric injectors etc." are NON-REFUNDABLE.  
Please ensure you ask for the correct part number and you are absolutely  
certain that the electrical item you are buying will remedy the problem with  
your vehicle. Once an electrical item is ordered and we have confirmed the  
part numbers you are unable to return the item for a refund unless our unit  
proves to be faulty.
· Faulty or defective items to be examined if returned for approval by our  
expert engineers. If we have supplied a defective item - our response is to  
replace the item within 48 hours, credit you with the value of the item along  
with shipping costs or refund you with the value of the item and shipping cost,  
provided that the item supplied and ordered by you is actually of legitimate  
faulty item. Our engineers have the final say on this and we will not entertain  
amateur philosophy or uneducated misguidance. Refunds will only be made  
upon the return of the goods to our premises.
· Shipping is NOT Refundable
· Transaction fees cost so administration charges and transaction fees  
deductable in the case of a refund

These terms and conditions of sale shall replace all previous terms and conditions  
of sale of the company and may be subject to change at the Company’s  
discretion without prior notification.